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Stela and Donna are experts in the world of work, organizations and people experience. However, as Web3 enthusiasts they felt like way we work is often overlooked as one of the largest impacts of the changing internet. 


What will work and organizations look like when you apply Web3 to them?  

And because they are all curious creatures, the pod was born! This is their outlet and commitment to learning, sharing and asking *semi* awesome questions. Each week, they invite Web3 experts to discuss different aspects of how Web3 will influence the future of work and business. 



Stela Lupushor is a thought leader, speaker, educator and futurist on a mission to humanize the workplace through the use of design thinking, technology, analytics and future thinking to create inclusive workplaces. She is the co-author of "Humanizing Human Capital: Invest in Your People for Optimal Business Returns” and "Humans At Work: The Art and Practice of Creating the Hybrid Workplace"



Donna Scarola is a new breed of HR leader, with experience in HR product innovation, HR tech adoption and process transformation, and equally effective at leading HR functions at large organizations and startups. Donna is currently the Chief People, Purpose & Culture Officer at Parcl and is an adjunct faculty member at NYU

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